• ME TV is committed to the highest standards for producing high quality content.
  • As an institution we are respectful of the laws and compliance is an important matter.
  • We want to ensure fair process including a complaints redressal mechanism.
  • We ask that all staff strictly adhere to the policy guidelines, also on their Social media accounts.


  • Broad direction and orientation for the Channel that determines the identity of the Channel are decided in Editorial meetings which are convened by the Chief Editor.
  • Within this framework, ME TV is committed to Editorial freedom and artistic creativity.
  • The highest ethical standards should guide the work produced by the ME TV team.


  • All content producers, including anchors and program hosts and analysis should declare interest prior to executing any assignment. After considering the facts of the matter the Chief Editor may still decide to continue the assignment with the concerned member of staff, after due diligence.
  • Non-disclosure of interest, bias in covering a news item, partiality for hosts in conducting a debate or a round table discussion will be considered for disciplinary action and may lead to termination of professional relation with the party concerned.
  • ME TV is committed to public welfare and will desist from accepting advertisements or support from products or services deemed harmful, such as quackery, superstition etc.
  • All errors must be rectified at the earliest after they are brought to the attention of ME TV.


  • Reporting/Coverage/Discussion must have public interest at its main objective.
  • Unless a matter of publicly available image and content, unless it is a show specifically aimed at children or young adults, images of children or indeed any vulnerable persons unable to give informed consent, can only be shown after obtaining consent from their parents or legal guardians. The authorization must be stored in secure systems with ME TV.
  • Coverage especially of personal situations must be done with sensitivity, and without violating matters of privacy and confidentiality of those who are part of the story being reported on.
  • Crucially, coverage or analysis should cover all sides of a story rather than a partial version


  • As part of continuous staff development, training will be delivered to staff through in-house workshops on contempt, defamation, what is considered corrupt practice as well as orientation to the industry standards and Broadcasting Codes of Australia and South Asian countries.
  • Special training will be organized for all staff on Journalistic Ethics and Copy Right Law.