Media organizations that bring news and analysis as well as entertainment to a wide ranging public across cultures are subject to relentless public scrutiny and critical feedback. ME TV is a public spirited organization that aims to bring clean information and healthy entertainment to its viewers, and is sensitive to its responsibility to address issues quickly and professionally as and when they arise. For this reason this policy document is also made available to the general public.

ME TV encourages feed back on its programs and content as it is embarking on a long-term agenda of continuous improvement. The procedure outlined in this document relates to feedback and issues that relate to perception of fairness, balance or quality of production. Me TV also recognizes that culturally sensitive issues that relate to the affairs, activities and identity of immigrant communities must be sensitively handled.

We are subject to the law, but these internal mechanisms are aimed at resolution of issues raised by viewers in a professionally correct manner that is aimed at satisfying the complainant. This mechanism is designed for content-related issues and not for employment or other issues.

  1. In the spirit of fairness and transparency all complaints to ME TV regarding content as regards perception of bias or inaccurancy of content etc. will be brought to the notice of the Management.
  2. The complaint shall be first handled by the Manager in-charge of Content or the team leader who will call for a clarification or explanation from the concerned party or production unit against whom the complaint is lodged.
  3. The preliminary report of the official reviewing the complaint will send the complete information to the Chief Editor for review.
  4. The Chief Editor may direct the relevant colleague to issue a clarification to the complainant, to address the issue or grievance. This may include a statement of fact, an explanation or clarification, or an apology after consulting with the internal Ethics officer of the Company currently also its Director-designate Business Strategy.
  5. Where the complainant wishes to escalate the matter, it will be considered either via telephone or video meeting or by submitting the matter to a neutral 3-member team of advisors to ME TV which may provide its recommendations after considering the matter on how to respond to the complainant and on what needs to be done by ME TV to avoid a repeat of the issue, which step may include offering training to the parties concerned.
  6. The neutral 3-member team will be formed of a person with knowledge of legal issues and where possible two other industry persons.